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Attorney General Roy Cooper and Governor Pat McCrory met Tuesday night in Research Triangle Park for their first formal debate, the second of three planned, as the North Carolina governor’s race continues. This year’s contest unfolds under the national spotlight in part due to the controversy stirred by legislation limiting anti-discrimination protections and bathroom access for LGBTQ citizens

The candidates tussled about the economy, taxes, and each others’ professional histories during the 60-minute televised debate. 

We pulled video from our conversations with the candidates earlier this year to contrast their views on some of these issues at play in this historically close-polling gubernatorial race.

First, we bring you the candidates' take on HB2. In the run-up to the election, we will continue to highlight relevant clips from our Candidate Conversations series.

ExitEvent editor Laura Baverman interviews Attorney General Roy Cooper about HB2 and leadership in NC. Video credit: Ryan Timms, Fanbase.

ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman interviews Governor Pat McCrory about HB2 and its impact on North Carolina.