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$1.2 billion is a huge number and yet, it's the total dollars raised by 170 North Carolina companies last year to fund their growth in technology, life sciences, clean tech or manufacturing. 

It's also big because it represents a 122 percent increase over funds raised in 2014 and signals continued momentum toward the state's goal to be a top region nationally for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Council for Entrepreneurial Development is helping to lead that charge by collecting the most complete set of data around venture and grant funding, one that is far more detailed than what has traditionally been collected and reported by organizations like the National Venture Capital Association. 

After reporting the details of the report yesterday, we hosted a Twitter chat with its mastermind Dhruv Patel, who also serves as CED's director of investor relations. For a deeper understanding of the data and methodology, see highlights of the conversation below, and read the full transcript here

Patel on investor relations:

Dhruv Patel on Investor Relations

Patel on impressive investors in North Carolina last year:

Dhruv Patel on impressive investors 2015

Patel on CED company successes:

Dhruv Patel on CED successes in 2015

Patel on surprising themes from 2015 Innovators Report:

Dhruv Patel on surprising 2015 Innovators Report themes

Patel on a big third quarter 2015:

Dhruv Patel on Q3 Funding Increase 2015

Patel's predictions for 2016:

Dhruv Patel on predictions for 2016