deja mi's Secret App Unveiled - 1

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deja mi's Secret App Unveiled - 1
When I last wrote about Raleigh photo sharing startup deja mi, founder Justin Miller spoke of a secret app so awesome, its utility could be grasped in but a few words.

So I challenged him to unveil it in a haiku. And now that haiku is here, exclusively on ExitEvent:

Oh no, where'd they go?!
Many photos, none to show.
Should have used WedPics!

Yes, the formerly secret app is WedPics, a personalized photo sharing app for weddings. Not content to tie all of their marketing efforts to ancient Japanese poetry, deja mi also made this video:

I recently caught up with Justin to find out more.

What's the WedPics origin story?

We had originally gone after weddings with the deja mi application because it's one of the most obvious locations where group photo sharing takes place. We found we needed something targeted specifically toward weddings rather than trying to get people to use the bigger app.

Plus, we wanted to solve a wedding-specific problem: Chasing down all of those photos after the fact is a huge headache. From some of the married folk on the deja mi team, it was a total nightmare and years later they still have no idea where most of the photos went.

What aspects of WedPics stem from your experience building deja mi?

First and foremost, simplicity. The app had to do exactly what it's supposed to do.

Second, minimal functionality. Wedding receptions can happen in locations with limited phone service. It had to be simple enough that even with the odds stacked against you, it could still work.

Was that a real wedding in your marketing video?

We staged the entire thing. The couple were my best friends from back home that got married two years ago. Finding a bride willing to do it again who still had a wearable wedding dress was way more difficult than I thought!

When [Raleigh video startup Three Post] sent us the rough cut, all of us were blown away. It really looks like a real wedding and a real party.

Does WedPics have a revenue model?

The app is free to download, but there's a cost for the bride and groom to create the album. As we launch, we'll give various discounts for sharing it out. It could also be a gift the bride and groom put on their registry.

We also have a partnership with a printing company. Any user can print photos from their album on traditional photo paper, canvas, even iPhone cases.

Since you've mastered haiku and video, can you now describe WedPics using social media buzzwords?

It's Instagram meets Pinterest for your wedding.

Well played.