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There's wi-fi and coffee, so according to community manager Carter Ellis, it's time for Loading Dock Raleigh to open for business.

After this morning's tour of the 5,000-square-foot coworking space in an old Winn-Dixie warehouse just north of downtown Raleigh, it's clear Ellis is being a bit modest. Furniture is in. Conference rooms are functioning. There's a kitchen with two working beer taps. Software called Nexudus is helping Ellis manage leases, payment, member communication and space rental. Bee hives were installed today on the roof by Durham startup Bee Downtown.

About 40 people are already working in the space, and tours are happening weekly to begin to fill up 150 available memberships, priced from $99 monthly for part-time coworking to upwards of $700 for a private office. 

Loading Dock is open to anyone but somewhat targeted to social impact and consumer product companies, businesses that align with the mission and values of founder Philip Freeman, who also owns natural insect repellent startup Murphy's Naturals (the biggest Loading Dock tenant). Eventually, Loading Dock will offer warehouse and makerspace for members.

For now, focus is on finishing upstairs offices for nonprofits like Activate Good and the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, along with six two-person office suites. There are finishing touches too, like doors and phones for the call rooms and the wood for the front of the bar. All will be complete by a grand opening celebration happening sometime in June.

Ellis has even started some programming for members. He made omelettes on the Loading Dock stove last Friday. For a closer look at the space, check out the photo tour below:

Kitchen + Bar

Just inside the main entrance is a small lobby that opens into the kitchen and bar. 

Loading Dock Raleigh bar area

Loading Dock Raleigh bar area 2

On the other side of the kitchen is a coffee station with small dining area.

Loading Dock Raleigh kitchen area


In the back of the space is a long room full of long desks for coworking.

Loading Dock Raleigh coworking

Loading Dock Raleigh coworking 2

There are three call rooms, soon to be outfitted with doors and phones. 

Loading Dock callrooms

At the end of the space is a small living room area.

Loading Dock Raleigh living room

Shared office perks

One side of the space has a mailroom with printers, lockers and restrooms with showers. 

Loading Dock mailroom

The other side of the space has three conference rooms that can be reserved by members and office tenants. Here's one of the rooms:

Loading Dock Raleigh conference room

Upstairs: Offices + Library

The upstairs is still under construction, but a library on one end of the floor is mostly complete (see photos). Murphy's Naturals will take offices overlooking the parking lot. Activate Good and the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation will occupy offices on the back side of the floor. Five of six two-person suites are all reserved upstairs too. Offices will be complete by June 1.

Loading Dock Raleigh library

Loading Dock Raleigh library 2

Larger vision for old Winn-Dixie

Loading Dock Raleigh's front door is located on the Atlantic Avenue side of the building. Around the corner of the building is Lynwood Brewing Concern and Trig Modern, a furniture store opening soon. A caterer will soon join the mix, and more offices are being built out.

Loading Dock Raleigh building