SLIDES: Oculus-Powered Drones & Other Eye-Opening 2014 Internet Trends - 1

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SLIDES: Oculus-Powered Drones & Other Eye-Opening 2014 Internet Trends - 1
If you're not familiar with Mary Meeker and her annual Internet Trends report, then we're not sure you're a serious startup founder.

Just kidding. But honestly. Her report is THE best analysis of global and national Internet trends, and pretty much any venture capitalist will confirm it. If you're not familiar, Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Silicon Valley and helps lead its digital growth fund. She's an world-renowned expert on Internet and emerging technologies and serves on the boards of Square, LendingClub and DocuSign.

This year's report was published yesterday and is a whopping 164 slides. The highlights are below. But your best bet is to take the time to click through it all. No doubt something, if not everything, will matter to your business's future.

Most promising industries for new tech: cybersecurity, mobile advertising, education, health care, big data, sensors, TV/media.

Things being re-imagined (and to continue reimagining): Apps, messaging, content delivery, content creation, how people meet, sharing, shopping, music, money, industry verticals, entertainment, remote controls and the biggest, the connection between mobile, sensors and data.

Biggest geographic opportunity: China

Biggest global opportunities: Internet for the masses, Oculus-powered drones.

Top acquirers: Google, Facebook, Tencent, Alibaba

Other insights: User interfaces matter more. Data needs to be better organized and more easily found. People love video. People want personalization. Existing immigration laws continue to hinder innovation and tech company growth.

Here's the full report: