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Is the right policy in place to help North Carolina become a top economy in the U.S.?

The annual forum by the Institute for Emerging Issues, gathering 1,000 people at the Raleigh Convention Center the next two days, is out to figure that out and make some recommendations to ensure our state continues to create innovative businesses and jobs.

Here's a video and infographic that lay out the state of North Carolina's innovation economy today:

Credit: Institute for Emerging Issues

The forum is different than a typical conference—the thousand of us sit in the same room all day listing to both national and local speakers, participating in polls via a mobile app and watching videos. I'm told there will be interactive portions of the event as well. Keynote speakers include Don Tapscott, author of The Digital Economy—20th Anniversary Edition and co-author of Macrowikinomics and Wikinomics, John Allison, president and CEO of the Cato Institute, Admiral Michael Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, and Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google and co-founder of Singularity University.

Local startup speakers include Chris Heivly of The Startup Factory, Matt Williamson of Windsor Circle, Melvin Hines of Upswing, Robert Ingram of Hatteras Venture Partners, Adam Klein of American Underground, Jessica Mitsch of The Iron Yard powered by Smashing Boxes, angel investor David Gardner, and serial entrepreneur and professor of innovation and design at NC State University, Christian Holljes,  More entrepreneurs and entrepreneur community in Charlotte, Asheville and Wilmington will also speak during a series of RTP Innovators' Spotlights. 

We'll post videos of some of the key speakers soon. But follow us on Twitter @exitevent for updates or watch the conference via live stream:

Innovation Reconstructed Infographic
Credit: Institute for Emerging Issues