Scot Wingo at HelpFest

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Scot Wingo is one of the Triangle's most experienced and most humble entrepreneurs. Though he started and sold one of the region's best known startup companies—one now trading on the New York Stock Exchange—he's as involved as ever in the local startup community. 

The ChannelAdvisor founder and chairman is an investor in WedPics, a board member at Windsor Circle, BrightDoor Systems and Spoonflower and a co-founder of the on-demand mobile car wash service Spiffy. He's on the board of the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative and he'll chair the CED Tech Venture Conference this fall. 

And you can credit him with the term "Triangle Tweener" and the list of post early-stage companies ExitEvent published for the first time in 2015. Most startup entrepreneurs now aspire to make the list, and then eventually to exit it. 

Wingo gave a great talk at the Internet Summit last fall about his entrepreneurial journey, which eventually led to an IPO and a stint leading a public company, complete with shareholder demands and SquawkBox appearances. That's what's afforded him the time to tinker today. ExitEvent asked him to share his story again through a live Q&A with ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman at American Underground's HelpFest in January, followed by a Twitter chat a few days later. 

Scot has lots of wisdom to offer the startup community, both when it comes to building and funding a company and staying constantly fresh on the technologies and trends impacting industries. And so below, you can watch the video of his interview at American Underground and read a transcript of his chat with Twitter followers. He also regularly adds to Scot's Guide to the Triangle Startup Ecosystem on our site. Stay tuned for updates.

Here's the video:

Credit: ExitEvent

Below are some highlights of our Twitter chat with Scot, but the full transcript of the hour-long conversation is here on Storify

On the Triangle a decade from now:

Scot Wingo Twitter chat 1

On what it requires to take a company public:

Scot Wingo Twitter chat 2

On retail startups to watch in 2016:

Scot Wingo Twitter chat 3