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Check out three recent pitches from American Underground startups YAWP!, a healthy crunchy nut bar maker, Written Word Media (of Freebooksy and other book discovery sites) and Foosye, a soon-to-launch platform to help grow the business of food truck operators.

ExitEvent recently profiled Written Word Media here.


YAWP! is a healthy food startup located within American Underground. Founder Rebecca Lea Myers pitched her business during the startup campus's HelpFest August 4, 2015. Credit: ExitEvent

Written Word Media

Ricci Wolman and Ferol Vernon of Written Word Media presented their advertising platform for authors and publishers during American Underground HelpFest on August 4, 2015. Credit: ExitEvent


Foosye's Chris Wellington shared his company's vision for helping food truck operators better reach customers and manage their businesses. Credit: ExitEvent